Tuesday, January 10, 2023

the bad still trying


The bad still trying

Knocking at the back door

Still hungry of power

Still plotting its evil way

Its claws reach Sabah

Get hold of the weak leaders

Push them to create instability

It's the power and wealth game

The main prize is still Putrajaya

The bad can't forget the taste of power

Anwar has to walk with steady steps

Put the bad leaders in their rightful place in jail

In politics nothing can be nice

The bad will not understand

Its claws reach to the weak leaders

Polluting their minds with power and wealth

Like a virus floating in the air

It needs to be contained quickly

It mustn't be allowed to spread

It will become a tainted flow

Sabah frogs need to be caught

The hard line must be taken

The Sabahans don't want it to happen

The greedy politicians must be controlled

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