Wednesday, January 11, 2023

the law must bring down on the bad politicians


The ripples will flow

On the investigation of $92.5 billion stimulus packages

Arising from the days of Pee Anne back door rule

The grapevine of kickbacks and commissions

The leaders will deny it

They will say nothing wrong

They don't take even a cent

That's the political talk

Macc has a different rule

Files are opened investigations probe

A few people have been remanded

The initial investigations have revealed

The direct contracts and political donations

Macc seems to say it all in its initial probe

Moo and Bawang will have a tough time to explain

Even the former finance minister will not be spared

It will seem a bigger hole created

Worst than the 1MDB saga in the nation

Macc has to find its final conclusion

The nation and people need to hear it

The law must bring on the bad politicians

They mustn't allowed to escape from their looting

Macc has a lot to go in its probing

No investigation should be left hanging

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