Monday, January 16, 2023

the wolves internal saga will keep moving


The healing for the wolves

It will not get there on current terms

The internal saga will keep moving

Even the 10 members in the coalition

They will still carry on their hungry moves

They can't forget the power and positions

They keep dreaming to get it back

Though the chief wolf forgives them

Yet he will keep a strict eye on these turncoats

Because he knows they will keep undermining him

Of power and positions

The show of strenght in the recent meeting

The chief wolf is secured in his position

He will try to change the wolf party

To get it better to face the future contests

Yet he knows he has his cases to face

The courts may find him on the wrong side of the law

The charges will stick to him like a bad dream

He has no choice but to face his legal wrangle

This is why the internal power struggle will stay

The crocodiles and moos will cash on it

They too are hungry of power and positions

Only PH stands as the stumbling block

The nation can't be pulled backwards

She has to look forward to the future

And the people will not tolerate any back door again

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