Sunday, May 28, 2023

the poor have to rise


The poor have to rise

They can't live the way they are

They have to believe they can go far

Stop waiting for help or funds

Life is hard for many

I know because I lived through it

Staying in a room house

With 9 people in the cramped area

I had to chop wood

Carrying it a long distance home

Cutting into small sizes then sold it

Life was hard then terribly losing hope

I gave up schooling

Working in a gambling den

Earning cash to tide over

Thinking that was the life for me

But my Malay form teacher

Called me back to school

She came to the house

Talked me out of it

I had a decent education

I battle it out in my adult life

Though I never forget where I came

Living poor can't be forever

We have to bend our ways

To will it to get up and fly

Living poor is no excuse

Learn how to fish the rest is free

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