Friday, May 24, 2024

the poor race relations


The crows in Klang

Flocking together

Cackling away in the nights

Telling each other tales

No hunters want to shoot

Unless there is a directive to game it

Once a while it may happen

But the current situation it will not happen

They are the birds of the same feathers

They will group together showing their numbers

Waiting on cables or trees or roof tops

They will stand firmly knowing they are safe

Across in Ipoh there are the cousins

The small red ravens making so much noises

Cackling it away in nearby hospital

They don't care they are causing noise pollution

Whatever it takes

They want to take it all

They show they have the numbers

They believe they can win

Like the race politicians

They have the poor concept on race relations

They want to take it all

Citing they have the numbers

They forget economics

Once it is going downhill

The numbers of a race

Will not help to stay afloat

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