Saturday, May 18, 2024

the islamic terrorists


The Islamic terrorists

Hiding in incognito in sheep clothing

Walking and living at ease

Like a cell waiting for the calls

The parade in religious outlook

Living under cover until they strike

Light up the bad vibrations in our minds

The intention hasn't changed

The police can say under control

They should be arrested and put in cells

They will not change their minds

They are fed in the wrong concept

The decades ago they attacked a military base

Now they attacked a police station in Johore

Don't tell us it is under control

It is better to round them up for good

The hot bed can be in religious schools

The feed of wrong approaches to life and living

The narrow pathway leading to lake of fire

The police should take a look and watch

Now the police have to hunt them

The police will know where to look

Since they monitor the terrorist group(s)

Living in incognito of their agenda

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