Thursday, May 23, 2024

have a back bone


Renaissance man

Till today he can't transform himself

A sad episode in our backing him

Talking a lot but action is way off

He is afraid to spook his race

Afraid he may lose his position

If that what he is today

He will not get his second round

Even Regent of Johore

Advice him to have his back-bone

Be decisive and don't be afraid

The nation needs progressive leaders

PH Council should not wait

Advice the Chairman to stand straight

Hit the road and get the changes going

Be progressive and don't hide behind the door

Renaissance man still has his chance

If he truly wakes up to do the changes

The recent UITM episodes in the press

He keeps his silence afraid to comment

Renaissance man

The power has got him blind

The 2R is still his thing

Will he wake up and change?

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