Wednesday, December 20, 2006

JB flooded

Johor flooded
courtesy The Star

JB flooded. Any new in the country? Nay! The city planners should walk over to Singapore and learn something there. Why Singapore never gets flooded? The town planners used to travel overseas on work study trips but in the end they never learn. Or they fail to put in place what they had seen and what needed to be done. JB as reported too has many potholes. The JKR engineers should walk the streets or cruise the streets to make sure the roads are potholes free or the drainage properly maintained. These engineers should be given say 5km to walk about every week. Find any problem it should be rectified within 24 hours. Look at KL -when there is heavy down pour it is flooded. Yet our government never learn at all. Every time developments come to the states, there is flooding in the low lying areas and at times in the towns/cities too. Profits shouldnt be the motive for upgrading living standards. Job creations shouldnt be at the expense of another social problem.

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