Tuesday, December 19, 2006

perempuan lama tukar perempuan baru

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The headline here comes the brides. Now guys here are going for the brides in Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and or China. It makes me wonder why. Because these young brides want to get out of their own country or seeking new life elsewhere. China Dolls have been here for a long time. Many older men had fallen preys to these China Dolls. These women have one motive in mind - get your money or properties then disappear!!! My view scored from the sad stories published in the newspapers. Practically I see the older guys go crazy over these young brides. Have our women any difference at all? Perhaps our women are more aggressive and career minded and dont want to settle down so soon. Maybe after 35 years old...The guys will think they are too old for marriage. The question : Career or marriage? Now the guys go for foreign brides - young, vibrant, energetic, pretty, dont ask so many questions, etc..One of my neighbours landlord got swindled by a young bride. He is in his 50s. The young wife took all his money and disappear to her homeland. She never wants to come back. There will be many soap stories to tell......

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