Saturday, December 30, 2006

rendezvous in a taxi

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What has happened to the college students? Having sex or sex romp in a taxi. This was highlighted in the Star newspaper. The uni students paid $100/- for the taxi driver to cruise them around while they were having sex. Mana nak letak muka ni? Tak malu ke? Sampai macam anjing direka...The taxi driver must have blood pumping into his veins though he has to concentrate on his driving. The uni students can check into a a cheap hotel in the city. It costs maybe less than $20 or the most check into a modest hotel which I think the rate is $60/- per day. Aren't they forget about using their minds? Or I had read the message wrong....perhaps they dare each other as human beings we dont remember much the next day...I mean the spectators...only the actors and actresses will remember...Flood in Johore water flow in the taxi..

Malaysia slow coach on internet services....losing uncount time to blog!

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