Friday, December 22, 2006

flood here flood there and my pockets losing...

Flood here flood there and flood everywhere........even my pockets too get flooded with extra costs to pay to the government for its one sided contracts. Toll charges, electricity hikes, gas increases, water up the rate and cost of goods too. Yet a minister says the cost of goods shouldnt increase when toll charges hike. Does he know simple economic? When you increase one level it automatically increases another. Business shall not absorb the cost increases. It is profit driven not social contracts. So the people will pay. We elect this present government to look after the voters but we have been taken for a ride too long. Change the government since it doesnt take care of the voters. Every time the government increases rates supporting the business community, the people have to pay for its inefficiency. Long ago the government wanted to stabilise the DVD/CD prices but owing to the hue and cry of the business community, the government put a new minister to handle and that was the end of the story. The business community won and we have to pay higher cost to purchase DVD/CD. I go buy pirated versions to show my annoyance that the business community tries to make more money out of the people. It is no joke that it costs $45 for a CD on piracy I get it for less than $7. The business community in this case the music company can sell it between $16-18 and still makes money but no the company wants to make 2 or 3 times profit. So I have seen. The officers raid the piracy and music industry hikes up the price. I boycott it. Because long time ago I bought originals but its quality sulks then. So now I dont buy.....Cuepacs want to increase salary for its members. The government shouldnt give it to them. I dont think Cuepacs can claim it has done improvement in its delivery system. I wrote a letter to Majlis Bandaran about a road with two names and personally handed the letter; yet till today after more than a year I dont receive any reply or response at all. This one fine example that the delivery system should be working 100% all the times. Read the reports about complaints in the newspapers Cuepacs and from there make your own judgements. Every time the government adjusts salary, the people have to pay. It is better to be on productivity driven concept. Those who are really helping the people and proven they are the ones making the difference should be awarded not simply across the board. Do not claim that for more workers...I had seen before in the government departments. Go take a look and see what these officers are doing and then tell the government. Dont sit in the air cond offices go and walk about and multi tasks the jobs which can be done easily in the government departments. My rumblings have no bearing yet I hope somewhere some place people will go for the change. It is high time we change. It is unfair to hide behind OSA for the government contracts. Time it should be transparent and let the people decide.

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