Monday, April 22, 2024

the blue eye leader


The blue eye leader

You have your chance to lead

Waiting for over 2 decades

Suffering a black eye years in prison

When power in your hands

You have forgotten the years

You spent as a convict

Most felt sad for you

When you got your Royal pardon

You could return to lead the nation

Most would expect you would remember

The black eye and years in prison

Yet when you hold the position

You have totally forgotten your pain

You don't even remember your promises

You don't even remember every one should be helped

You totally changed your outlook

Spending your time back to 2R

Wooing for your race to support you

Paying attention to Hamas

Back home you have forgotten

You should get your priority right

But morally you have to know

You play back the 2R game

His popularity has dropped

He should change his course

Before he will be buried by his own action

If he continues to spin his NATO

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