Saturday, April 27, 2024

the frame of a game


The frame

High or low

The men decide

On approaching women

The low frame men

They will not dare to confront direct

They will sit down and watch the game

They afraid to go forward

They are the 'black pill” guys

No venture no gain in their pursuits

They will go home empty handed

Living a single track ride

The high frame men

They have their full confidence

They are the proud peacock

Flashing in their entrance

The women's eyes will glow

Watching the high frame men walk in

They don't have to play hard to get

They can easily smooth themselves

No confidence

Every where or any where

You are dead on track

You have nothing to achieve but loneliness

Stay on high frame

Craft it into your brain

Learn the art of approaching

Smile and share jokes

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