Thursday, April 18, 2024

ring of circle


The red and white devils

The voters don't have many choices

Any which way the votes go

Pray for something good

When the results announced

The white devils won but couldn't move

It still needed the red to join in partnership

Running the race for the nation

As it stands today

The white devil can't carry out reforms

The leaders are stuck in the lift

Shouting out to the emptiness

The red devils still go on bragging

Out in the open bending rules to serve them

The people are getting short-changed

The white devils still shouting in the lift

While the green devil stays alert

Wanting to paint its syariah law

Not every race wants it

They should stick with the Constitution

All the while the white devil

He can't say much thinking of his position

He wants his race to support him

Forgetting his base of solid supporters

Now the ring of circle

Nobody wants to go first

Still stuck in the game of old

The white devil should move but stay cool

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