Friday, April 26, 2024

act tough renaissance man?


The wolf youth chief

When will the police lock him in?

His seditious statement still pending?

Caught in KK by the police

Asked him to go to Bukit Aman

This he was tasked to do

Where is the fairness to it all?

This youth chief still walks free

Others were caught and sent to jail

Within a week even DPP jumped into it

On the sock-gate issue but he?

He still walks free

Now he talks of BM for citizenship

He should study the Constitution

A person citizenship decided at birth

Born to parents or father or mother of the country

It doesn't involve proficiency of BM

The immigration officer should be hauled up for action

The little napoleon rearing his ugly face

The Home Minister should take notice on him

Renaissance man

Should haul this wolf youth chief

Back to the lock up

It saves him the headaches

But will he?

He seems playing his 2R card

He forgets his mission

Renaissance man hiding his mind

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