Thursday, April 11, 2024

the citizenship amendment


The citizenship amendment

It shouldn't have to be table

It needs to change the gender

Either father or mother will do

The Bill goes around the bush

Fixing one adding others in

Hiding the truth on the Bill

Until civil society and Bar Council hit back

For days it was

Telling UG government to withdraw the Bill

HM didn't listen but went ahead

In Parliament for the 1st reading

It didn't go to the 2nd round

As the latest news said it was

Renaissance man intervention to stop it

Returning to the board for fine tuning again

Renaissance man was sleeping

He knew how the Bill would be reacted

He could have listen well then

Until he realize he had to stop it

For now the citizenship bill

It will wait for June sitting of Parliament

By then the controversial amendment should go

They were in the opposition before

Why PH leaders didn't see it?

It will cost them the votes

Don't go pleasing a race

It has to be for overall good

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