Monday, February 19, 2024

renaissance man shouldn't be a softie


The crocodiles bad thinking

They want their own way

They should perfect their walking

Yet they don't see they aren't perfect

Passing laws in Kelantan

They swear to hold and protect the Constitution

Yet behind close door they go against it

Belittling the Federal judges

The state bad laws

The Federal Court judges have the right

To make it void going against the Constitution

But the crocodiles crying afraid of their lies

The drama of fools

A race who can't see the truth

All laws passed mustn't run against the Constitution

It will be challenged in Federal Court

Renaissance man

Stand firm without compromise

The Constitution must stand supreme

It is the country's foundation

Yet he dares not stop the crocodiles

He lets the crocodiles run against him

He should remember he is managing a secular nation

It isn't an Islamic nation; the Constitution stays supreme

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