Tuesday, February 13, 2024

the unity government hanging on a magical thread


The unity government hanging on a magical thread

The coalition partners know the set up well

Running together to forge a unity pack

Taking the jewel of the crown

It is a mix menu to satisfy the taste

Every leader signed on to work on it

In the kitchen to wok up plenty

To satisfy the different groups and ideologies

Ocassionally we will hear of a challenge

One leader will try to cause hiccup in unity

Maybe he feels sore over his party losing

In the plan to forge ahead

In that scene the Old Man will smile

He his plots and plans working on it

Though many will suspect he will not stay long

Let him play his last toy to his satisfaction

Renaissance man will not answer

He has too many on his plate

He has to walk on a thin ice

A time he can't make any mistake

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