Saturday, February 17, 2024

hit hard where it matters


Spare the rod spoil the child

Anwar Ibrahim should see the wild

The crocodiles bad behaviour

If he doesn't stop them

They will become a threat

The crocodiles keep pushing

Every statement doesn't feel good

It is trying to pull down his administration

At every possible way the crocodiles will try

Believing Anwar will not touch them

Anwar too must be aware now

The Old Man too isn't staying low

He will try to undermine his administration

The Old Man is afraid of police or Macc investigation

Though Macc have ordered his sons to declare their holdings

Anwar must recognize within the coalition partners

The wolves will try to exert their demands and influences

He must have a backbone to stop these wolves

He was once the deputy chief of the wolf party

Spare the rod spoil the child

In politics a leader mustn't give way too much

It will undermine his authority to manage the nation

He has to weigh it carefully before he makes his decision

No quick solution but a plan for a long term benefits

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