Saturday, February 17, 2024

the marriages and parenthood


The marriages and parenthood

Something both partners need to know

Don't go in blindly thinking everything is paradise

Boy you will be living in surprise!

It's like a product phrase

The romantic illusion of glow

Nothing seems to go wrong

Every moment feels like a bliss

Come to maturity phrase

The conflicts of money and abuses

The ugly faces come to inter-play

The bed isn't all the roses

Though there will be good praises

The good vibrations ringing in the ears

The union of souls to avoid conflict

The more contact the emotional maturity

This is the time children come to play

Playing parents will be a hard and tiring way

The physical and mental strength need to sustain

It is the time the couples will feel side-line

The declining stage

The couples need to renew their romance

The children all have grown and fly away

Don't play doting grand-parents

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