Friday, February 16, 2024

the wrong teaching


The wrong teaching

The wrong way to behave

Wanting to be popular

Raining in Tik Tok

One young adult

Going to the extreme

He torches a police car

He writes hate graffiti on bus stand

He takes pictures of his deed

Load into his Tik Tok account

Viola! He thinks he hits the jackpot

But he runs foul of the law

The police manage to catch him

Normally he will be in lock-up

Telling his side of his story

Maybe make it up to escape

The police have not released any detail

Only say the young man wanted to be popular

In his Tik Tok account to show his grand scheme of things

The police should probe him for his hate graffiti too

Don't live in a wrong teaching

It doesn't bring good vibration

The person will harbour ill will

Causing disharmony in society

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