Friday, February 09, 2024

hold one law for the Federation


Time to hold

One law for the Federation

Let every state leader know

There is no liberty to craft law

The Federal law will be supreme

Why there is a need to craft state law?

As it stands many state laws passed

It may have run foul on the Federal Constitution

Kelantan 16 syariah law

Now the Federal Court judges passed their verdict

It goes against the Federal Constitution

Therefore it is void

The Home Minister must act on the crocodiles

They don't respect the Federal Constitution

The party should be banned for good

No political party should use religion as its base

Don't let the crocodiles corrupt the minds

The religious kindertens should be reviewed and checked

Why should a political party run its own kindertens?

This is to instill a different ideology of a religion

Now the Federal Court judges make their ruling

All those state syariah laws must be looked into

There must be a uniform syariah law in all states

It mustn't go against the Federal Constitution

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