Monday, February 19, 2024

one old man


One old man

In hospital breathing on respiratory tube

Eyes staring into space

Maybe thinking of his time

The sins and bad deeds

Flashing to his eyes

Reminding him immortality is none

Saying sorry is to release the mind

Once long ago

I went to the hospital

To get my injection

I saw this old man

His eyes staring right to me

No smile no wink

As if he was done with it

A blank in his eyes

The nurses weren't around

The old man had to live with it

No children or relatives to stay with him

He was practically on his own

And his life slowly floating away

Looking at him it wasn't a good sign

Suffering alone waiting for the moment

When his life would be done

Now this one old man

He's still never remembers his sins

Maybe too many for him to know

He doesn't want to say sorry

He carries with him too many bad baggage

Carrying the load will make him worst

Saying sorry doesn't bring down his dignity

It only says he is human after all

The alleged wealth he had diverted

Covering his tracks nobody can trace

But the papers trail and contracts

It will not simply disappear

Like Putin of Russia

He allegedly could have US$200 billion dollars

The investigators try to unlock his hidden wealth

He seems to hide it so well

He doesn't want to say he is sorry

His critics will face his wrath

He doesn't care what others think of him

But his life is always hanging by a thread

The corrupt will pay

In time the circle will complete

If we are still alive it is better to say sorry

Amend our ways walk the path of truth

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