Saturday, October 15, 2022

there is no need for a Malay Muslim government


The Malay Muslim government

It will not happen again for the nation

She got it once saw how it went down

It didn't help the country's progress

The bad impression and lies

The nation doesn't need their kind

The Malays too have seen it now

They wish to change for the better

The nation seems to have gone backwards

Using religion to strike a cause but it doesn't help

Because religion shouldn't play in politics

Forget to promote English the nation will suffer

The nation needs to survive in commerce

English is the common language to build rapport

It is a way to make our nation progress faster

Our own language is to foster unity within the nation

So this GE15

PH will have a better chance to return

The people have seen the back door leaders

They aren't going to be fed with bad vibrations again

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