Thursday, October 27, 2022

PH leaders listen to the ground


GE15 is a crucial election

PH leaders must string up good candidates

Don't change candidates just for new faces

This is the time the nation needed good leaders

As it stands today

Good candidates are replaced or shifted

Some even aren't going to contest

Why let a vacuum for exploitation?

The wolves, moos and crocodiles

They will exploit it to their advantage

Knowing new faces aren't a threat

They will want to gain the upper hand

Even Pejuang too will count on it

Though the party aren't the real threat

As long as past result in Johore shown

The party was totally wiped out!

Sabah and Sarawak old hands should stand

These two states are hard to predict

Don't change to lose but to win

If you have none stay with the old hands

PH leaders read the sentiments on the ground

Open up your eyes and ears to listen well

We want you guys to win in GE15

But don't forget to listen to us

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