Thursday, October 20, 2022

the old man can't let go


The Old Man

It isn't about senility or amok

It is about giving way to the young

Let them achieve their potential

You have made history

The longest serving prime minister

The come back from retirement CEO of the nation

Many will not achieve what you did

It is the time to pass on your experiences

The vast knowledge you may have earned

It is the time to share how you govern the nation

Good or bad it is your own cup of tea

At aged 97 years old

You achieved many in your life time

You have accumulated wealth

Most of us can only dream about

It is also the time to apologize

Whatever wrong you may have done

Till today you still spray the familiar venom

Blaming the Rocket but not your kind

The Old Man

Time to relax

No need to contest

Let the new comers fight for it

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