Friday, October 21, 2022

costly general election


Look to UK

Changing prime minister

No dissolution of Parliament

Even own party members

Decline to give support

Here it is different

Even party members can't disagree

Giving support is the S.O.P

Else they will be sacked

Not supportive of the party whip

A prime minister losing support

No snap election to be called

The person has to resign

Let a new team run the show

Running election isn't free

GE15 will cost the nation over $1 billion

The EC should give us the Income and Expenditure Account

Why the costs keep going up every election?

EC must find alternative way to conduct election

Look to UK

How the prime minister must listen

Even party members can dislodge their own leader

There is no herd mentality to follow blindly

They are working for the people and nation

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