Sunday, October 23, 2022

stop the bullying behaviour


The driver behaviour

He bulldozes his way

Believing he has money

To settle his recklessness in driving

He thinks he doesn't injure any one

He doesn't need to change his driving habit

He doesn't need to learn and change

He thinks by giving money he can escape

Through the 40 years his habit hardened

He will not change since he has cultivated his habit

The people involved should join forces to complain

In fact file a police report or inform the condo manager

His bullying because he is rich

He thinks money can settle his problematic driving

Like a someone we knew of his cash is king attitude

Of course he spends his days in prison bringing shame to his family

Now in old age

Let him feel his cash

He still has to run his errands

No neighbours to talk or help

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