Saturday, October 22, 2022

PH should stay alert


The Old Man olive branch

Is it the truth to heal the nation?

Is it his honesty to let equality rule?

Many aren't in positive mode

The Old Man's credibility is suspect

He is still thinking of his religion and race

He should apologize to the people and nation

Causing much anger in his days

Twice he was given the top job

Twice he got on his “My way or highway”

Causing collapse of his own administration

Causing the S move and he lost his way

Now he wants to talk to Anwar

What's there to talk about in politics?

He has a different view than Anwar's PH

Gave him mandate he betrayed his promise

PH should stay alert

GE15 PH can't make any bad move

This time PH has to win in majority

No frogs no traitors no liars or cheaters

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