Sunday, October 23, 2022

the last tango came and gone


The Old Man last grasps

The opportunity once he had

Now he can't get there

He knows the score

He still plays his racist card

One race management for the country

Doesn't he realize we are multi-racial?

Though he denies he is senile but he forgets

He only remembers when he wants to

He should look in his mirror and be honest

He had achieved where others still dream

He shouldn't believe he still can contribute

He only knows his one race card

His belief on the wrong track for the nation

We are today because of his poor vision

One race addiction for crumbs to survive

He had his chance in his 2nd stint

But he forgot all about it

When power seeped through his mind

His old ways came to cause pain again

Now his trusted generals back-stabbed him

He was left alone to fight another day

But time isn't on his plate to shoulder on

All because of his own mistakes and vision

The last tango came and gone

PH will not come to his terms

Once bitten is enough to last a life time

A man who forgets to keep his promise

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