Wednesday, October 12, 2022

the ruling states should stay out of the poll


Pakatan Harapan ruling states

Let these states run its full mandate

Only dissolve the state assemblies by end of its term

That's the way it should go

These states do not have to follow

The wishes of the big bad wolf

He is hungry of power

Every politician or voter knows it

PH chairman says it so

The ruling states should carry on its tasks as normal

Too much headaches and logistics in the monsoon season

The wolves only care for their own needs and wants

Even the crocodiles will not dissolve the states

They will wait for it next year on suitable weather

Nature has sent signals in the sky and ground

The crocodiles are wise to delay the states poll

It is a bad decision to hold GE in the monsoon months

Now it has been declared the voters must hit the wolves back

Let these bad leaders achieve their retirement in GE15

Let the marching of the saints sing their triumph

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