Saturday, October 29, 2022

don't get sold blindly


As they use to say

Don't trust the politician, lawyer and insurance agent

They are the good liars trying to impress

The good living but for themselves

In our lives

We will need these people

We should be clever and know the rules

Don't get sold blindly

The worst kind is the politician

Say all the good vibrations

Looking smart and intelligent

Once he wins hardly appears

A politician can set up for life

A good or lousy one makes no difference

He has his cake he isn't sharing willingly

Still the voters have to pick and choose

In any general election

The people have to elect a government

Formed by the elected representatives

This is where the wagon train starts to run

Do we need to trust these people?

They are in the daring business to grow

Out there some may be sincere and good or bad

While others may want to earn a living instead

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