Sunday, October 30, 2022

the back door games


The Moos

No need to tell the tales

Of the S move in February 2020

The people knew it was the Old Man doing

The only hiccup was the Old Man changed of heart

But it was too late to stop the engine from moving

The Moos and gang backstabbed the Old Man

He was left alone running to find his bearing

The Moos publicly announced withdrawing support for PH

It was a traitor's move for one ego growth

Though the Old Man had 114 supporters then

But His Majesty didn't want to entertain him

Because His Majesty had agreed to Moo

The Old Man was late to push it home

So no need to tell your tale

The people knew years ago

In GE15 karma will work her magic

The traitors, liars, frogs and kleptrocrats

They will face the wrath of the voters

PH has to return to finish its unfinished business

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