Tuesday, October 25, 2022

the moos look in the mirrors


The moos

The leaders don't have to spin

They should look in the mirrors

Honestly telling themselves

Didn't they stole the people's mandate?

Anwar has no case

It was a political persecution then

He went to jail for his belief in freedom

Only the Sunni Muslim faith think otherwise

Though Shia Muslim find nothing wrong with it

Anwar didn't steal billions

Anwar didn't steal the people's mandate

Anwar gone to jail for sexual needs

But it was a made up story

The Old Man and MO1 wanted him put away

Even if he did

He didn't steal billions

It is a sexual need many will indulge in it

It is a private affair in closed door

Because of money events could be played out

We are looking for integrity

We aren't looking for traitors or liars

We want leaders who can fix the economy

We don't need leaders who want to fill up pockets

That's my friends are the difference we seek

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