Thursday, October 27, 2022

is the Rocket planning to lose?


Is the Rocket planning to lose?

The hardworking ones leaving or shifting away

Leaving new faces to contest in those areas

This isn't the time to make changes!

The Rocket has its rights

It has to look into the voters might

Don't change just because it is so

A new leader new faces of support?

The Rocket has given away seats

By right the seats can be won easily

Now the new faces have to struggle

Some may lose the battle on the ground

Sorry to read Tony Pua sitting it out

He did a good job on 1MDB here

Even Charles Santiago has to be replaced in Klang

The Rocket doesn't listen to the voters

GE15 is to cage the wolves

The Rocket forget about it

Now the wolves will be salivating

An opportunity they don't shy away

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