Friday, October 07, 2022

the wishful budget


The budget

Low income but expenses high

Going to borrow more funds for it?

Why allocate to the civil servants?

This is the vote buying

On the civil servants to support

The private sectors get nothing

The rest of us find our ways

GST may drop in

There is the speculation for it

The government has no funds

Finding ways to tax the people

The nation borrowing is high

As the Auditor General reported

There shouldn't have deficit budget

Spend within the income generated

The pension bill has risen

The taxpayers mustn't be tasked to pay

There is a court case on backdated adjustments

The court gives the government 2 months to settle it

This isn't a real budget

This is a wishful allocation

The back door wants to get in the groove

Because there will be supplementary budget

GE15 will be on the 2Q of next year

Because the wolves can't wait but the budget wishes high

The party will fall as history records in other countries

The wolf wishes but karma decides her way

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