Friday, October 14, 2022

rain, floods or pandemic we still must vote


Every one talking about GE15

The pandemic seems on the back page

There is a court case stopping the election

The Cabinet didn't agree on dissolution of Parliament

No doubt the floods on the topic

Covid 19 on the rise on statistics

The Klang Valley areas hitting a high note

The politicians seem to forget

A former MP takes a court case

In the Constitution the Cabinet must agree

It isn't the prime minister to act by himself

He has no mandate unless authorize by the Cabinet

As such under the Constitution he may have a case

He is a lawyer so should recognize the law itself

The GE15 is for one man afraid to go to jail

One has gone in and now he is facing his dilemma

The pandemic slowly rises

The floods will knock the doors too

Rain, floods or pandemic we still must vote

We need to make the change to save our nation

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