Tuesday, September 20, 2022

let GE15 be the major change of guards


The independent candidates

They aren't the solution to free the country

They can't have the muscle to perform it

Power will corrupt to the weak in the head

These candidates shouldn't split the votes

They should join an opposition party

One which is likely in tune with their aspiration

PH can be the likely candidate to associate

In GE15 there will be 3 parties fight

PH, Bee Ann and Pee Anne going on each other

The other mosquito parties may not stand a chance

In East Malaysia will be open fighting for control

The voters mustn't live in the past

Living in crumbs living in addiction

It isn't a positive way to live and die

Learn to live with the glorious lights

To do that they have to change

Kick out the bad leaders who stole the wealth

The side-kicks too in the bad coalition

Let GE15 be the major change of guards

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