Wednesday, September 21, 2022

he can't hide


He can't hide

The fall from grace

The bell stops ringing

He is alone in prison

Once he was

Healthy in every way

He didn't say he has health issues

He campaigned hard in state elections

He could give interview

Smiling and feeling like a peacock

Every court appearances he tried to escape

The line up of excuses we heard

Now he says he has health issues

He will try to get it out to stay in hospital

It is as if karma of a Mongolian woman

Putting him in the health scare or it's him?

He used to tell lies

Now the lies came to haunt him

The swearing in mosques finally God hit

He has to pay for his sins hasn't he seen it?

There will be no sympathy

A man who stole the nation's wealth

And he brags cash is king

As if he has caves full of cash

He can't hide

Alone in prison

Is he really in it?

But karma will not let him go

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