Saturday, September 17, 2022

the rolling politician


The rolling politician

He can't stay in one place for long

He wants to rise up the ladder

But the party lords have their ways too

Once he was with the wolves

He couldn't last his stay

He saw what was wrong

He left without gaining a foothold

He joined the blue eye

Believing he could contribute

In the contest of deputy president

He lost with bitterness in his mind

He rolled out again

He found unknown political party

Revamped it and became its president

But he couldn't find his foothold

He left his post and joined the Rocket

He expected to get a short cut to the top

But he didn't because there are rules

After 3 years he left to be independent

Now he rolls back to the wolves

After 14 years he tried from outside

He couldn't find his way to the top

Now growing old he's back to his old party

He thinks he can reform the wolves

Unless he can tame the moon at her rest

Then he may find his way to the top

But he isn't young he will be left behind

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