Tuesday, September 20, 2022

she's gone 2


The sea of faces

Every religious faith and colour

Lining up on both side of the road

Waiting patiently in the clear light

What will be in their minds?

Standing there for history

At least they can say

We are there!”

The sights of pageantry

The horses and riders

The foot soldiers on display

All in solemn faces

She's gone

She did what she could

Leaving her footprints behind

Let historians tell her stories

We could remember

Her smile on every occasion

She put people at ease

No airs follow traditions and rules

Now she finally rest

Among her ancestors of her past

In her ancestors' home Windsor

She will walk no more

The sea of faces

Some crying others streaming videos

The tears flow in their minds

Farewell Q.E.2 may the Lord shine on you

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