Tuesday, September 06, 2022

the voters must clean up the mess


Keluarga Malaysia

A slogan to mislead?

Look at all the appointments

Don't the NM have the experience?

It is always on their own kind

The others don't need to count

Though tax bills they need to pay

Else the race will cry loudly

By right all the would be judges

Coming in or need promotion

They should go to PSC

They can do a better job without favours

We don't need the Judiciary Commission

Even the composition doesn't reflect our image

It is for those who can curry favours

It isn't good in our books

Now what will Anwar say?

Multiracial must be in form and spirit

Keluarga Malaysia is nothing but a slogan

The turtle man tries to fool us isn't he?

The voters must clean up the mess

The way our country is managed

She will not smile or cry or laugh

She just can't looking at our one race mind

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