Monday, September 19, 2022

the scarecrow


The scarecrow standing on his own

Without support to achieve his goals

He can't dream to strike on his ability

Because Lowyat 2 will haunt him

His one way race thinking

He will not win in many areas

He still stuck with his mentality

His party leaders have the bad records

Even with himself he should see

He has no way to lead the country

He is just there by accident

Because his party elders have no choice

He better thinks how to survive for his party

He doesn't need to throw his call to take a state

The Pearl of the Orient will flourish without the bad wolves

The people had enough of these bad leaders

The island state will match on

Copying the way of Singapore

Copy the good management skills

Penang will prosper further under the Rocket

The scarecrow

You are a puppet on the show

Standing upright in the hot sun

Afraid of the strong wind taking you away

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