Saturday, September 24, 2022

the green light on MO1 health


MO1 is given a green light on his health

He was admitted to Cheras Hospital

Complaining on his health issues

The public in general do not buy his reasons

Now he is sent back to Kajang prison

Where he will stay for his long haul

We may not hear the end of his saga

He may cook up another excuse

The special treatment for a convict

The prison DG hasn't issue any statement

He needs to clarify it to ease the public sentiments

No convict should have any special treatments

MO1 should stay be like a man

Once he said he was a Bugis warrior

A crying shame when he was in prison

He didn't act as one of his ancestors

Now AG should get back the millions

MO1 hasn't returned his illegal cash

His fine he can wait in his long stay

But the illegal cash he must return

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