Friday, September 30, 2022

the flood season no GE15


GE15 during the flood season

It is the bad foresight for any leader

The turtle man shouldn't bow down to pressure

He should hold the fort until the season is over

He is the CEO of the nation

Though in his party he isn't the party leader

He can listen to advice but he has to think for the country

The flood season no GE15

It is his party chief

He wants to escape his jail sentence

The only way he can do it is to gamble for GE15

Every opportunity he will shout for it

A former party chief has gone to prison

The current one may find himself walking in

The AG has filed to COA on his acquittal

The nearly $50 million bribes need to find answers

If it comes to GE15

His Majesty has a role to play

He can refuse to dissolve Parliament

Citing the monsoon season and the cost of it

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