Saturday, September 10, 2022

where is MO1 staying?


Where is MO1 staying?

After his conviction in Apex court

The question arises

In a house arrest in prison or in a cell?

The prison official statement

A one liner can't convince the public

The internet media circulates

The prison DG should come out with a clear statement

MO1 doesn't wear the prison attire

So the public can't be convince on it

Even Rafizi and Anwar didn't get preferential treatment

He came to court all dressed in his attire

MO1 shouldn't be accorded any special leeway

He was convicted for his crime of stealing wealth

The future generations have to pay for it

So far he hasn't show remorse or apologize

Where is MO1 staying?

The prison DG should explain

One liner isn't good in public perception

He should wear his prison attire and mix with his prison mates

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