Thursday, September 15, 2022

the men of old or middle age


The men of old or middle age

Don't live life in misery or alone

Go out and find your soul mate

They are many wanting to get hitched

There are women looking for old men

They want the experience and be pampered

These women aren't the old ones

They are the young ones shouting out in body languages

The men of old or middle age

Life isn't over until you bite the dust

As long as you are healthy in body and soul

You don't have to shut your door for good

You can try the cold approach

It will bring you back to the old routine

You will feel very rusty and behind times

As long as you stay confident you will get fine

The best places in night-clubs or bar lounges

The sporting events or gathering of social entertainments

Even in concerts of classic or rock bands

Don't try from the social media

The men of old or middle age

The golden light still shines

Don't waste it by living in shame

Go out and make your name!

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