Tuesday, September 13, 2022

light or dark in life


Light or dark in life

We have to choose

We have our rights to do

Our decision will show

The decades down the road

We can turn into toads on our decision

If we take the dark side of life

It will be hard to turn it around

The ugly side of life

We will live with our sins

We will not see our salvation

If we don't turn around quickly

In addiction of the dark side

We will sink ourselves low

We will watch the tides

Reaching out in our lives

Not many have turned around

Many have suffered in jail or on the run

Every time worrying about the law enforcers

Knocking the doors to cuff our lives away

While the light we choose

We can live easy with simple choices

We can have a good times in the park

We don't face too many setbacks

Live in the light

The pathway of bliss

Every day in the morning

A new day a smile and joy

Light or dark in life

It is our choice to make

The wrong turn to no bliss

The light will guide us through

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