Sunday, September 25, 2022

the alleged rumour


The saga of Abdullah Ang

30 years ago he ruled Kajang Prison

He could live well in jail

He could have his liberty

It was under the Old Man watch

He revamped the prison administration

He didn't want it to happen again

Money would work in the bad ways

Now there is another story

MO1 in prison in Kajang

The alleged rumour in the grapevine

The special treatments of his illness

Stomach ulcers don't need hospitalization

The prescribed medication and proper food

But he was sent to recovery hospital

For medical check up and consultation

The saga of MO1

It will not be the end of his story

We will wait to see what he will cook it up

What the turtle man will do to grant favours

He is in history of the wrong kind

The former prime minister sent to jail

He brought shame to his family and nation

Yet his party leaders still support the corrupt

The saga of Abdullah Ang

Something similar in services came to light

In Kajang Prison both were sent to stay

The story still sounds quite familiar today

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