Saturday, September 17, 2022

the getah party will lose it all


The Old Man's Getah party

It will not bring any fresh idea to the nation

There is no involvement with the many colours

It is only formed in one colour one way

The Old Man didn't learn in Johore state election

His party lost all seats and deposits as well

This would have told him he couldn't hack it anymore

Once he betrayed his promise in PH and back stabbed behind

Now with Getah party

A one ticket to win but will lose

The leaders don't learn time changes

The plate of menu will be evolved now

Now the Old Man says his party will go solo

The voters will roll them out to the drain

His heyday has totally gone a sad way for him

A second chance he blew it in PH

His party will not win

He better prepares to lose it all again

The racist party will not win in GE15

This nation is multi-racial from the beginning

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